Friday, January 13, 2012

Nobody is perfect

As many people know I am into gaming big time. Currently all my extra time is spent in front of my computer playing Battlefield 3. I watched a video of a few weeks ago of a guy jumping out of a jet, using a rocket launcher to kill the jet chasing him, then getting back into his jet. Way cool! First thing I thought of is how can someone be so good to do stuff like that? Hacking or what?
Here's the vid:
Pretty amazing right? That's how I feel when creating new families in Revit after attending AU and RTC. OMG! How did they do that!
Well, luckily the same guy that created the video of the RPG shot also posted an extended version. It took practice, lots and lots of practice.
The same can apply to Revit, your never going to get it done right the first time.

Currently I am working on changing out our doors to shared panels and frames, something I picked up from Aaron Maller and Shawn Zirbes. Aaron shared his door families over at and I have been using them as a sort of guide to apply to my own. I liked how he setup his shared parameters so I borrowed his naming to my own, with a few tweaks here and there.
Here is a tease of what I am working on currently.
Stay tuned for more about this. I have the panels finished and am currently working on the frames. What I really wish I did was start with the frame that had the most constraints, as each shared frame must have the same parameters as a frame with less constraints, else your door frame will error when it can't populate all the parameters correctly. So I find myself adding parameters again to all the previous frames that I thought were finished.

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