Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Started - First Post

I have been wanting to start my own blog like everyone else I know in the Revit World. Problem is what can I blog about that hasn't been done already?! I don't want to be like some other bloggers that seem to copy someone else's blog word for word and even use the same pictures just for the sake of populating their own blog. This drives me crazy when reading the Blog Feeds over at and find multiple feeds about the same thing.

I wanted to be a bit different, but still have something constructive to talk about. Lately work has been a bit slow and I have been trying to update our company Revit Library and try out the new methods I have seen at RTC and AU. Folks like Aaron Maller, Jason Grant, Marcello Sgambelluri, they make things look so easy until you try to build them yourself. It's like, they figured it out, why can't I? Then it hit me "Hey! I have something to share!"

So this blog content is going to be about the trials of attempting new ways of using Revit and sharing it with everyone that might be reading. Besides families, our office is also attempting the idea of the multi-discipline model, both Architectural and Structural in the same model. There's something else I hope to post about.


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