Saturday, December 1, 2012

AU2012 - Top DAUG

So at the Revit Technology Conference - US 2011 they introduced a new contest called Top Cat. Similar to the Top DAUG contest at Autodesk University which is AutoCAD based, this one is Revit based.  The folks at AUGI were there and brought that same contest to Autodesk University 2011.  Top DAUG was a hit because besides AutoCAD, people could compete in AutoCAD, Civil3D, 3dMax, Inventor and all the flavors of Revit. After many attempts at getting fellow Revit users to take the test, Aaron Maller took my dare between his classes and wound up winning the first Revit Architecture Top DAUG....

Fast Forward to AU 2012....I was there once again guiding folks in their attempt to take Top DAUG.  This year the folks at Knowledgesmart  added Navisworks to the list as well as all the other tests in 2011.  I was there for every test, making sure everyone knew what they needed to know to take the test (yes, rather redundant at times as some were explained the same thing while waiting in line).  Every person that took the test asked if I had taken it...the answer was no...we had been slammed with folk from the very beginning and  I never had the opportunity to take it myself.  Wednesday night, about 20 minutes before the Exhibit Hall closed I decided to take it.  Yeah, I got a 98 with 9min 30 seconds (Stupid massing questions that I never use).  But I had seen other 98's as well, so I wasn't too concerned....until I found out that I may have the best time!!!

With only 5 minutes left until the Exhibit Hall closed, my time would be not be contested.  The next day the winners of each track were announced.  Each winner got a $100 gift card to Amazon.  The overall winner got a free pass to AU2013 and a HP Laptop.  

Here are the pics of the winners....

BTW, the Civil 3D winner/Top DAUG overall winner did an awesome job finishing the test in 7 minutes 30 seconds.  If I only didn't spend over 3 minutes on one of my questions. (Spent the time thinking it couldn't be right.....125 doors and 200+ instances of glazing?.....sigh (turned out I was right).

So kudos to those that won the other tracts....

Here is the full list:

The winners are:

3ds Max - 

James Clarke
AutoCAD 2D - 

Glenn Sinclair
AutoCAD Civil 3D - 

Fred Wismer
Inventor - 

Tracy Chadwick

 - James Austin
Revit Architecture - 

Michael Patrick
Revit MEP

 - Maxime Sanschagrin
Revit Structure

 - Eric Bernier
Overall Top DAUG Winner for AU 2012

  - Fred Wismer